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Fri Sep 15 PDT 2017 New post from e Commerce Fuel: SEO rankings can make or break the success of your e Commerce business.

But you can boost your on-page SEO with some simple fixes that together create big results.

Let me start with the reasons why people (like myself) buy or have bought backlinks. You spend a little dough per click, and voila – you’re a marketing genius.

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​​ You’ll have all of your relevant SEO data on one platform to expedite your analytics and decision making processes.

​ The integration will pull all of your data from GSC into […] Thu Sep 14 PDT 2017 Want to sell on Amazon, but not sure how to stand out?

In fact, you can do your brand (and your bottom line) a lot of good by writing articles centered around detailed search terms that your competitors don’t know...

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Increase qualified visits to your site – organically with keywords embedded into your content and/or through Google Ad Words – as Google updates their search algorithms, we track your website to make sure you are ranking well.

Tue Nov 15 PST 2016 Google has announced nothing less than the end of an era: Until now, a URL’s desktop version has been used as Google’s main index for evaluating websites and determining rankings. Most 404 errors don’t have a direct impact on SEO, but they can eat away at your link equity and user experience over time.

Our resident SEO expert and founder of 180Marketing, Jeff Oxford, drops some optimization knowledge in the first episode of our SEO series.

Jeff talks about recent improvements [...] Wed Oct 05 PDT 2016 Sun-soaked beaches, cheap hotels and panoramic city views are a staple of online travel sites worldwide.

In the future, a site’s mobile version will be used. There’s one variety of 404 that might be quietly killing your search rankings and traffic.

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