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On the other hand you have the young cocky guy who probably spends more money on him self to keep up with the ladies for show off.10) They have no remorse and understanding of how the decision they make in life effects you.

You'll get the phone calls or face to face counseling with people that are in his circle and doing the same S*%# that he is doing.

(Like seriously that's really uncalled for) 9) Financially if he has the money he probably will help around with some of the household expenses but of course his up bringing and education level is an important factor.

I am going to list a group of things that most Haitian men do that most Haitian women can't stand.

1) Haitian men are very jealous beings, you want to know where I'm at, what I'm doing, whom I'm talking to, and definitely don't like when their women speak to other men in general.

To the big surprise, Haitian brides are not the most popular in the world.

Unfortunately, the current situation of the state doesn’t depict the locals in a positive light.Or possibly started another relationship or should I say "relationships".I find it very common the Haitian men has a main relationship at home which of course is the wife/servant and his side lady which is probably the one all of his friends besides you know about.I find this to be common in most relationship when there is another person involved.6) When he comes back he's usually calmed and more relaxed because he accomplished what he had to in the hours he was missing in action.Both of my parents are from Haiti of course, but one of the issues I'm here to talk about are Haitian relationships.

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