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They were also concerned that French hostility to the Gatt-deal on farm production and renewal turmoil inside tire ERM could wreck the summit In a -candid assess- ment of the- pitfalls awaiting foe prime minister, one source said ft'COTfotimiotoeitheras ? But experts say the Mafia is divenafyuig abroad, buying info casino and resort operations all Over the Carib- bean and in Spain.

Mafor saives the world” or ‘‘Europe falls apart"* , . “Finally we are opening our eyes and we are able to see something that has existed for y ears,* Galatolo: arrest linked .

UKGtrr -Jo- in Hk0KT -Jo- In Gfl UFB -Jo- in Nt&Mn Far Eas Unpc General -do- AC Bin Ext Bill Fra Biff PQi Global barq Grrd Sc’ 08 1 53 - curtail Euro G- Extra U Genera Gl UFu buoau BARI? Qxfe of practice on installation and semiring, been observed? Investigators say the Mafia has forged an affiance with the Colombian cocaine, cartels to supply an expanding Euro- pean market.

Ethical i Bt SOln Worttv GIRS FU ABTRl 10 Qk 0224 A3 »Fbb 071 374 Amer in Europe Europe; DMB W Extra in FEHE AUIH ABkd I 0 I» 5 I Hlfltiln Si Balance Amelia WM ASS japan SCO oil AXA E SI Gea evil* own 5*. TUESDAY NOVEMBER 24 1992 HOME NEWS 3 5 ir «s Mob teams up with Colombian cartels Mafia poised to flood European dties with cocaine, say police * From David Adams IN MIAMI AMERICAN and European anti-drug officials believe the Italian Mafia is shifting its drug operations from the her- oin trade to cocaine smug- gling routes between South America and Europe.

This links directly with the timing of the Com- munity's enlargement Yesterday's British initiative on the EC recession — described in Whitehall with no hint of irony as a European version of the recent Autumn Statement — represents a marked change of approach. But Mr Major has president of There will be no extra money from the EC budget, but rate expanded lending by the European Investment Bank. No wonder that many Americans see a divided, in- ward looking and short-sight- ed Europe unable'to face up to the post-Co Id war world on its suffered from his inability to yerni ;cs see off his internal party aver Maastricht The concession he had to make, without consulting Mr Hurd, about delaying the Commons third reading until at least May and a second Danish referendum has com- pounded the impression of weakness created fay sterling’s withdrawal from the ex- change-rate mechanism. Comrade f C, Staffs S) am-- man and she was deter- mined to impress. Brooke's shadow, Ann Chyyd, seized the moment in her own way. 160ni ha Irish poll gloom for big parties By Edward Gorman IRELAND CORRESPONDENT THE Irish election campaign reached its conclusion last night with a television debate between the leaders of the two biggest parties in the republic, both of whom are struggling for political survival For Albert Reynolds, the prime minister and leader of Hanna Fdfi, tiie debate was seen as a last dunce to regain ground lost in the first two weeks, which has put majority government all but beyond his reach in tomorrow’s pol L Mr Reynolds has -fought a poor campaign and tools tike being blamed by many voters who believe he caused an election that could h are been avoided for at least a year. American officials say toe US has been flooded with record amounts of cocaine. You are going to see a vast amount being, diverted to Europe,” said Mr Kingston.

The Commission has pro- duced ideas on subsidiarity to limit interference in national affairs, but these are not yet specific In particular, a big gap remains over tiie future financing of the Com- munity between northern European contributors and the mainly Mediterranean re- cipients. The British government cannot be blamed for all these difficulties. The exchange-rate mechanism is l^ing pulled in every direc- tion: economies are diverging rather than converging as recession deepens: the EC has stepped up sanctions against Serbia and expanded hu- manitarian aid to parts of the former Yugoslavia but has been unable to stop the kill- ing; racial tensions and vio- lence have increased sharply in many countries in face of a wave of new migrants and refugees; and economic diffi- culties have grown in central and eastern Europe. his^ Mid- lands constituency razed to the ground, if by this sacri- fice he could save just one of Her Mtfesty* bathroom curtains. “People should not, er, become excited," said Brooke. “I don't see how Europe is going to survive the Mafia- driven onslaught of cocaine,'* said Daniel Kingston, a special agent with the Miami FBI.

American and \ South American investigators ftt-* have been warning for more than a year that Britain could S -j be targeted by the Colombian j drug cartels, and seizures of cocaine this year now far outstrip the 1.5 tonnes found in 1990. and have some overdue luck, if the Edinburgh summ- it is to be more than a face- saving exercise which at best avoids open splits and keeps Maastricht alive. Fine Gael’s fortunes are at a low ebb, indicating that there is no prospect of. It is attracting just 25 per cent support, down from 27- per cent in the 1989 general election and 39 per cent in the 1932 election that led to a coalition government with Labour. Mast shipments arrive at Spanish ports, although some have been sent directly to Italy.

Usl night five Britons and a Spaniard were being ques- tioned by Customs officers as forensic science expens worked on board the for Trot five, registered in Panama, which was seized after moor- ing on pontoons at Hope and Continued on page 3, col 1 floods of cocaine, page 3 Arts 29-31 Births, marriages, lieaitu. 19 Body and Mind 14 Bu-iness 21-27 Concise C rmsuord 40 Court and Social I S Crossword 20 Diary 1 6 Law Times 33.34 Leading articles 17 Lerieis 1 7 Obituaries l q Piiliiics —.2.6 Racing -...37 Sport 36-36.40 Times Today - 20 Weather 20 Word watching - 40 TV 4 radio 39 BIDING TMC TIMES OVEIKEA 1 •■TTBI, JCtl BLWH'M » ®0: (3 ? With Fine Gael Kktify to win 50 seals,, it should nevertheless have an -impor- tant role in any new, coalition, excluding Fianna Fifl. _ Continued from page 1 states are opposed to the M Delors budget plan, which would mean extra cash for f Mediterranean countries such as Spain and Portugal ' and sources in London yesterday said that a gulf had opened between the two sides that would be difficult to reconcile in time for the summit But now, after strong criti- cism from the rest of _ the Community of the British presidency, Mr Major has accepted that economic dev- elopment should be fully dis- cussed in Edinburgh. economy was not Mr Major's toppriorityin his series of talks with other leaders in the run- up to the gathering. Other cocaine shipments, not tied to the Mafia, have also landed in the UK.

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