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The victims are intimately familiar to the shooters, not random strangers. Our culture wants to believe that staying single is bad.

This kind of violence is not indiscriminate — though friends, neighbors and bystanders are often killed alongside the intended targets. However, this isn't be true if we look at domestic violence statistics.

Sadly, just like victims of domestic violence, women are also at risk for becoming targets in cases of mass shootings (in fact the study alluded to earlier calculated that 50% of the victims were female). The next safest state is women who are living inside a marriage. Perhaps he turned in the guns he registered with the state. The government isn't all that interested in protecting women from domestic violence.

Other studies have identified 64% of mass shooting victims as women and children (as reported by Jeltsen, 2015). Slightly less safe is women who are dating or cohabitating with a man. When Eulolio Tordil started to allegedly behave strangely and beat his wife back in February he received a Peace Order, administrative leave from his job as a federal police officer and was asked to turn in his firearms. The government is pretty good at the public relations part of it, but it's not going to tell people the truth about how dangerous romantic relationships can be.

The unpredictability of public mass shootings in particular make them very hard to prevent or predict for policy makers and scholars alike.

An often overlooked link regarding mass shootings, whether private or public (a mass shooting is defined as a violent act where there are at least four fatalities—it need not be a public act per se to meet this standard) has to do with incidents of domestic violence.

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As the local news summarizes: A federal officer was captured Friday, a day after police say he shot to death his estranged wife in Beltsville, and investigators said they ‘have reason to believe’ the same man is connected to two fatal shootings earlier in the day at the Westfield Montgomery Mall in Bethesda and Giant Foods in Silver Spring. This shooter shot and killed his estranged wife while she was picking up their daughter from high school then went on a seemingly random spree for the next 24 hours, fatally shooting a woman in the parking lot of a grocery store and another one outside of a prominent mall in the area.

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