3 minute dating dc

20s Young daters are the most likely to embrace technology.“If you’re in your 20s, you’re doing the free apps,” Ettin says.

That seems like a small thing, but it’s a big deal for his romantic life.

Because he didn’t start texting until his 20s, when he gets a woman’s number at a bar, his preference would be to get in touch later with a phone call.

“This is the part that’s become more and more frustrating over the last 10 years,” Miller says.

“You have to play this little, tiny back and forth.” If love is a battlefield, dating in your 20s is a war of attrition.

So for those like Klein, who want to date in a specific age range, the key is looking in places where people of the same age are likely to gather. “You have to go to the bar where people around your same age would be.” Not everyone cares.

I’m established,” says Klein, 46, a physical therapist who lives in D. “I want someone on my same level.” When it comes to dating, where you look determines whom you’ll find.

30s “If you’re looking for something more serious, it’s worth it to pay for a site,” Ettin says.

“It shows that you’re at least somewhat invested.” She urges daters in their 30s and older to put skin in the game by joining a site like or So if you want to meet someone of the same religion, try jdate.com, naseeb.com, or

“They just don’t have the time to be out in bars meeting people,” she says.

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