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Maybe they weren’t trying to stand you up and their car really did break down. But on the third offense, you need to realize these probably just aren’t coincidences. ) The most important sign you should trust is your intuition because it rarely steers you wrong.Maybe that Facebook account really is outdated and he is no longer in a relationship with that woman. They are who the person truly is, or at least a reflection of how they view your relationship. If you bend over backwards to make yourself convenient for someone they will remember this and continually ask you to do it. If someone does not treat you as a priority, they are not worthy of your time. People can tell us anything they want, and most of the time we will hear what we want. Sometimes it helps to make a list of the good versus bad.Just remember that a general rule of thumb for when you are dating: “3 Strikes, You’re Out.” The one major exception to this rule is if the person displays physical or verbal abuse.

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There is no 3-strike rule, and anyone is welcome into an APS show free of charge, including attending work shops. Also, APS members are not required to stay at the event hotel or be charged extra to attend the NMRA event.

One doesn't even have to be a member to attend a business meeting. I have learned that the 3-strike rule is not just related to extortion (join us or be forever banned from what we do - horrible attitude by the way), but there are some NMRA insurance implications involved as well. Model trains do not come close to the value of the rare stamps that are put on display at APS stamp exhibitions.

It’s hard to know right off the bat whether someone is marriage material or not. Prior to contrary belief, you probably won’t have an earth-shattering, movie-like epiphany telling you “Aha!

This is the one.” (Although, that would be nice, wouldn’t it?

I must say that I have taken exception to the NMRA's 3-strike rule regarding non-NMRA members attending NMRA events three times without joining, and then being barred for life from attending NMRA events in the future unless they do join.

I think this stifles people from wanting to participate in the hobby. Turns out that I know someone in the NMRA who is basically Charlie's neighbor.

To avoid having insurance costs running away from them as a result, they had to implement a policy that said those kinds of participants had to join the NMRA or stop regularly participating as if they were a member.

Charlie explicitly said that this rule should be applied with common sense.

If he would have explained the insurance aspect sooner, I probably would have said something similar to your post about the litigious society and renewed without much more thought.

As it was, the insurance mention was made a month or two afterwards. A long time ago, I got into the Experimental Aircraft Assoc. There are local chapters all over the world with the world's largest airshow every summer for a week. which includes a world class magazine that puts the NMRA to shame.

The NMRA would do well to follow the example of the APS regarding letting anyone attend the events. If you believe that your hobby is dying, excluding people from participating from and being exposed to your hobby is not the way to bring in new people. Hi, There're a lot of misconceptions out there about the three strike rule. Getz as well as the NMRA VP (I can't remember his name at the moment).

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