A liquidating dividend is Free naked one on one live chats

Because a 10% holding neither shows significant influence nor control, it must be recorded using the cost method (also called fair value method).

a liquidating dividend is-35

Because the dividends are totally paid out of relevant year net income, they are all ordinary dividends and must be recognized as income by Company A.

The journal entry in the first year would be: In the third year and fourth year, dividends declared exceeded the available income.

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This pronouncement from the SC is actually anchored on the provision of our tax code.

It is clearly provided in Section 73(A) of the code that the gain realized or loss sustained by a stockholder is a taxable income or a deductible loss.Before selling, you should consider the financial consequences of liquidating.For starters, you might face taxation if you sell your stocks at a gain.If you sell at a loss, on the other hand, you might use the loss to offset capital gains from the sale from other investments.Contact your broker and advise him of the stocks and the number of shares you wish to liquidate from each.Only dividends paid out of the relevant year net income or any accumulated earnings available since acquisition of the block of stock are recognized as ordinary dividend and the rest are recognized as liquidating dividends.

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