Chatroulette privat sex - Able dating help server

I'm going to go to bed for the night and talk to our server owner after the dust has settled.

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MEMBER IDSusename - User ID: 285282246737264641 Confirmed Raider Picdoggy - User ID: 285284053219803138 Confirmed Raider Pic Happiness#4135 - User ID: 285305602446458880 Confirmed Raider Pic Shi [Bot] - User ID: 285271622879805440 Confirmed Malicious Bot Pic Noku#1934 - User ID: 217121568256557056 CONFIRMED SABATOUR/Edit Hi.

I'm in a discord server that's fairly large, around 1400 or so members.

EDIT: We just got a PM from an user who claims to have something to do with the whole event saying they spotted this Reddit post.

EDIT 2: The user with the bot joined right before the bot.

They are malicious, and have destroyed more than one server.

Thank you all for your help, me, and our community, really truly appreciate it.

Final Edit: We've found out hoodunit, thanks to the amazing support people on discord.

We're unsure if it was an intentional sabatoge or not, but one of our former admins accounts was used to add the bot to our server.

When this issue is encountered, it can be troublesome to find out where in the communication chain the problem lies.

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