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Craigslist worked for me I thought of looking to figure out professional likeminded people, but not people known to me. I often find myself telling a stranger my life story and wondered why the words are flowing so easily?

Why when my best friend asked how i am doing, i said "fine" — and yet this person — when they asked how am i, probably only to be polite, i told the truth for the first time in a long time.

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He really ensured that he limited himself to fingering and going down on me, and using a vibrator. His nbr is 4 foour 7 foour foour Zeerro 7 ninne zerrro 8 foour zerrro )2. I & my husband was not connected , hence i had to look outside. By this time i had people know me like colleagues, his family circle.

This time, i was so hesitant to meet in Bangalore, bcoz i knew people then.

And the world sees us as coffee mates (but we do have the sensual time after a coffee) the last few points are definitely an advantage with strangers :)Of course, i have had very bad experiences with local sites, with the guys stalking me in FB, Linked In (Which is scarier, with my family n social circle there), playing games, subtly blackmail for emotion or Money, etc.

After having much, i decided to try Indian traveller guys, who are kind of traveling on and off in Chennai and Bangalore.

The disadvantages is their availability, not the model type and a bit mature ( this helps).

I find the likeminded traveller adults good b’coz it helps me build trust, open channels of communication and develop mutual understanding, and something legal between 2 consenting adults!! Perhaps you'd like to develop or push your experiences further in a specific direction; something intrigues you and you would like to try it out - the options are plenty to take things further! Wake up , take bath, go to office, come back to hostel and sleep. I was sensually struggling to understand , mostly i used to massturbate and by some means i got a vibrator.

Being an career girl looking for love/sensual/cuddle gets so stressful because we need someone who'll understand both our need for romance and our need for everything else.

Finding that guy takes a ton of time, effort and patience, and that makes it tough to stay positive.

I do think there are many women out there , who has gone through a similar situation of mine.

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