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Receiving a personal invitation to eat with the teacher is an honor in the eyes of a child, and having this relaxed time with them would encourage a teacher-student relationship founded on trust and respect.

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When I give my ‘special signal’ (which has not yet been determined and highly depends on what age group I teach), students will give the signal back, face forward and look ready to listen.

These are just a few ideas for routines I think would be beneficial to learners in their classroom environment.

” poster outlining activities after completed seatwork; classroom rules (generated by the students); classroom consequences (created with help from the students); and student names next to their job of the week.

I would like to have one plastic drawer for each subject stacked in the back of the room where students turn in homework first thing in the morning to its respective subject drawer.

Positive feedback has an enormous effect on students and their attitudes towards academics.

One of my greatest strengths as a growing teacher is knowing when and how to provide effective feedback to students.

One way to begin developing this relationship is by teaching students efficient self-management skills for their own behaviors.

Holding students accountable for their actions gives them a certain amount of responsibility that makes them feel like they are a part of their community.

Routines provide that certain amount of structure needed to build a safe community.

Class routines should be modeled and implemented from the first day of school and consistently carried out for the remainder of the year.

When students know they can excel and are made fully aware of exactly what they are doing correctly, they feel good about themselves.

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