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Each of these corporations will continue to operate its respective business and each will issue its own financial statements.However, the investors and potential investors in NEP will find it helpful to see the financial results and the financial position of the earned from outside customers.

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It will also report all of the liabilities of the economic entity.

(Amounts owed and receivable between NEP and MGC are eliminated in the consolidated balance sheet.) This is a very brief overview of consolidated financial statements.

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The subsidiary’s assets, liabilities, and all profit and loss items are reported in the consolidated financial statements of the parent company.

Alternatively, when an investor does not exercise full control over the investee, and has no influence over the investee, the investor possesses a passive Enterprise Value has to be adjusted by adding minority interest to account for consolidated reporting on the income statement. When a company owns more than 50% (but less than 100%) of a subsidiary, they record all 100% of that company's revenue, costs, and other income statement items, even in the investee. This guide and overview of investment methods outlines they main ways investors try to make money and manage risk in capital markets.A financial or economic investment is any asset or instrument purchased with the intention of selling said asset for a higher price at a future point in time The level of investor influence a company holds in an investment transaction determines the method of accounting for said private investment.The reason for this is that they have received money from their investee.In other words, there is an outflow of cash from the investee, as reflected in the reduced investment account..In this case, the terminology of “parent” and “subsidiary” are not used, unlike in the consolidation method where the investor exerts full control over its investee.

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