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Kali Yuga began on the Gregorian calendar year January 23, 3102 BCE.Well, Joe, I guess you’re stuck being unable to refute Hindu scriptures. In reality, none of these calendar eras are at all indicative of the veracity on the event which they are based.

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Domination is frequently founded on little things that people take for granted and/or don't feel are individually worth the trouble of fighting.

Collectively, though, all those little things add up to quite a lot and make domination far easier.

Use of BCE and CE thus became common long before Christians started using the labels themselves.

Perhaps it isn't much, but every time you use BCE and CE instead of BC and AD, you are showing respect for non-Christian cultures/religions as well as refusing to submit yourself and your writings to a Christian agenda that is all about asserting dominion over culture, politics, society, and even your very thought processes.

The event may have happened or it may not have happened and we can’t know which is true just by looking at the calendar system in use today.

It is profoundly stupid to suggest otherwise and I almost have difficulty labeling this strictly as a lie.

C," or "Before Christ." Defining dates on not only the existence of Jesus but also his role as a religious figure is a preference granted to Christianity that is unavailable to any other religion or belief system. Use of BCE and CE has been growing in recent years, but they aren't nearly as new as many Christians seem to assume.

More and more academic publications have been using BCE and CE, but especially BCE because they are discussing non-Christian cultures, religions, and politics.

The idea of a Common Era instead of Anno Domini has been around for centuries, but the label used to be Era Vulgaris.

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