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The chemicals used in the explosion are identified as belonging to the company for which Hollings works. Jack Hodgins visits Booth to update him on the case.

Together, they realize that Hollings was being framed, and that it must be someone from somewhere within the lab.

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Booth breaks the awkward silence that settles in by asking her if she has anything to drink and when Brennan goes to get it for him, he stops her saying that he's not her guest and goes to get it himself.

However, when he goes to get the drink from her refrigerator, it explodes, seriously injuring him.

Just as they realize this, Brennan is kidnapped by Kenton and taken to a warehouse.

He ties her up, and prepares to kill her in an identical method to how Hollings killed his previous victims, in order to frame him (it is also implied that Kenton killed Hollings offscreen).

Special Agent Seeley Booth arrives with Special Agent James Kenton, who had been working undercover with the chief suspects for the murder, the Romano family, for two years.

Following this, Booth receives a newer and more important case that needs their attention — a female victim who had been tied up and fed to dogs.

Concerned for her safety, Booth accompanies Brennan home.

Brennan, however seems surprised at Booth's assertion that he spend the night when he says that he'll sleep on the couch.

"Two Bodies in the Lab" is the 15th episode of the first season of the television series, Bones.

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