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One by one she brought the babies down and laid them in separate cribs.

Each baby had its own separate hook on the wall for their diaper bags.

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It was a normal early Tuesday morning when I got a call from her.

She asked if I could take the day off work and come help her do some work around her house. I arrived at her house on time, and she answered the door.

I was the only one she could trust not to tell about what she was doing. So, she asked me to come downstairs and she would show me the operation.

She opened the door to a large room that was transformed into a nursery.

There was probably a total of 1 hour during the day where she wasn't nursing at least 1 baby.

Several times during the day, I got a glimpse of her breasts hanging out.When the baby turns 1 year old, she no longer watches the baby and has an opening for a new baby.In addition to the normal things a babysitter does (cuddling, diaper changes, naptimes), Mary breastfeeds her baby boys that she watches.She stopped taking her medication over a year ago, and since has started producing milk in quantities that doctors cannot explain.She is able to keep 5 babies fully fed during the day, sometimes with one on each breast when necessary. Her youngest daughter Hannah assists her every day with diaper changes, rocking, and any other things so Mary can focus on nursing her babies.Every morning, 5 infant boys are dropped off at her house while the parents work.

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