Adult cam hacked

Leaked Source said it was able to crack 99 percent of all the passwords from the databases.

The databases also included site membership data, such as if the user was a VIP member, browser information, the IP address last used to log in, and if the user had paid for items.

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Adult cam hacked

After a thorough analysis, the data does not appear to contain sexual preference data unlike the 2015 breach, however.

The three largest site's SQL databases included usernames, email addresses, and the date of the last visit, and passwords, which were either stored in plaintext or scrambled with the SHA-1 hash function, which by modern standards isn't cryptographically as secure as newer algorithms.

The phishing email is causing panic to many users because it identifies one of their account passwords and claims it has information on their online activity, which they will share to family and friends unless paid $3,200 in bit coin.

in Dundalk has asked people to be vigilant after receiving up to 15 calls a day from 'stressed out' customers across the country who have received the email over the last few weeks. You don't know me and you're probably thinking why you are getting this mail, right?

In every case I encountered, Have I Been Pwned showed the passwords to have spilled as part of a dataset originating in a 2012 breach of Linked In—a relief.

So I advised my counsel-seekers to take a few steps.

The interlopers threatened to send video clips of these folks doing—well, you can guess—to all of their contacts unless they paid a ransom. “I am aware, [redacted], is your pass word,” the notes began, accurately. Subject line: “[your name] – [one of your passwords].” Try not to snap to attention. If any accounts that once used that password pop up, then the extortionist likely scraped all of the information from one of these data dumps.

Normally, one might ignore the demands of a random stranger making outrageous claims on the Internet.

The company, based in California and with offices in Florida, was hacked last year, exposing almost 4 million accounts, which contained sensitive information, including sexual preferences and whether a user was looking for an extramarital affair.

ZDNet obtained a portion of the databases to examine.

The attack happened at around the same time as one security researcher, known as Revolver, disclosed a local file inclusion flaw on the Adult Friend Finder site, which if successfully exploited could allow an attacker to remotely run malicious code on the web server.

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