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Before getting into the specifics around how we built Elio and Olivia’s conversational set, the two bots Pavel mentioned in his article last week titled, Lex vs Luis: Choosing a tool to make bots for your business, I’d really like to talk more about why it’s important to create a bot with great conversational skills.Teaching them to talk To really get into the nuts and bolts of ‘training’ your bot it’s important that we look at and define a few terms that are floated in discussion around any kind of conversational AI.As one human to another, we frequently need to learn to interpret meaning because contextually something said may mean something else entirely.

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The key idea of course is that a user can carry out a conversation with the bot or VA in order to get an action completed or to find a solution to a problem or query.

Until recently conversations were nothing more than a little robotic but times they are a changin.

One that is able to carry out a conversation with your users in a way that makes them feel comfortable and understood.

Ultimately leading them to want to engage with you more.

Especially when you don’t have a 100 developers to help you with organising this data?

There are systems that have been created to help, like Amazon Lex and Microsoft Luis that Pavel discussed in his article and in combination with these systems it really is determining logically what you imagine a user may say or ask when trying to achieve a specific objective.In other words using algorithms that are stacked in a hierarchy that allows, through the narrowing of topic, the machine to understand the increasing complexity of how humans may express a certain idea.So how is this all practically implemented, how as a writer are you able to facilitate this kind of programming?If you’ve spent any time on branding, which if you’re a business owner you should have, you may be familiar with the idea of personifying your brand.Taking time to consider who your brand would be if it was a person, what it’s character traits might be and what kind of language it would use to really engage with your audience profile is really essential for brand building.Making use of this data the machine, recognising the important pieces of data within a human sentence, is able to provide an answer to the query that has been posed.

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