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When this function is rolled out for Android or i OS is currently open.

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The situation is different with Facebook Messenger: a secret conversation can be started here, with encrypting the chat end-to-end on the basis of the protocol developed by Open Whisper Systems.

This protocol is also used for the messenger Signal, which is known for its security.

This will be rolled out globally over the rest of the year!

Facebook is also updating the their conversion tracking within the Messenger platform so that businesses can track events that happen within a conversation.

Within the Messenger API, there’s a new interface for appointment booking directly in the chat.

This includes real-time confirmation and an integration to calendar softwares, meaning that businesses can use messaging conversations to schedule appointments, in-store meetings, phone calls, and more.

This reduction from 20 to 5 recipients of forwarded messages follows the example of India, where this limitation has already been in practice for some time.

Whats App has been and still is often criticized for its privacy.

With this feature, businesses can see the measurable impact that messaging has on their business goals.

One last thing: Facebook will also be phasing out the Discover tab and will instead work on other entry points to connect users and businesses – including, of course, search and advertising, which are some of the most intuitive entry points for users to start messaging businesses.

What other messaging apps like Whats App, Telegram or Viber have already been offering is now finally also available on Facebook’s blue messaging app.

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