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Payment to be made in cash." The work had so far progressed that, on September 21st, the following notice appeared in the Courier: MASONIC NOTICE.

Merritt, Hendricks and Peters." 1 Now Charlotte street. Hendricks." The same committee advertised in the Courier of July 31st for tenders *'for furnishing framing materials, and for raising the frame of the hall, €0 X 50 feet, with posts 51 feet in length, to be raised on the foundation wall by November 1st.

For prudential reasons I have, in many instances, suppressed my personality.

The reader will no doubt observe the frequent mention of the com- piler's name in the excerpts of St. Having since that year been a regular attendant at the meetings and an active participator in all the concerns of the lodge, and having had a large share of the work cast upon my shoulders, this obtrusion could not be very well avoided.

205 Me.mherh OK THE Loih;e, alphabetically arranged 281 List OF Memhkrs, April .'{, 1894, 290 List ok Past Mahteiis, Wcjrhhipfi.l Masters, Senior Wardens, J'juior Wardens, Treasurers AND Secretaries 291 I^anlslcy I Doctor l)ivinity ....

The procession then formed again and returned in the same onler to the jjlace ■wliere the grand lodge was opened, wlien it was closed in solemn form. A grand loilge pro tempore was formed by dispensation from the grand lodge of Nova Scotia, Tiiomas Wetmore, Esquire, His Majesty's attorney -general, acting as grand master. John's and I'uion Lodges, and many respectable brethren from the adjacent counties, etc., which, together with the carpenter's society (a respectable body recently instituted in this city), formed a handsome procession, The day was uncommonly line, and the number of people gathered together on the occasion were innumerable.

John Haws, Israel Merritt, John Thomas, (Jharles Johnston, William H.

Brethren and others to whom I have been obliged to apply, either personally or by letter, for information affecting the various umt Uin embodied in this volume, have reat:ster, .

The particulars of the ceremonial of laying the corner stone are copied from the records of the provincial grand lodge at a quarterly communi- cation held in Halifax, March 5, 1817, as follows: The grand secretary laid before grand lodge the minutes of a temporary grand lodge held at Saint John, N. : By virtue of a wanant under tlie liand and seal of the R. John George Pyke, grand muster of the ancient society of freemasons in Nova Scotia and the masonical jurisdiction thereunto belonging, dated at Halifax the 14th day of September, in the year of our Lord 1816, and of masonry 5816, a grand lodge assembled at the Ex- change Coffee House, in the city of Saint John, in New Brunswick, on the 28th day of September, in the same year, for the purpose mentioned in the warrant.

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