Albanian men dating english women

At the office, people wear formal clothes, suits and uniforms.

Also, it is common to see well-dressed people walking on the street.

Singing, dancing and drinking following a shared meal are common and often involve all ages.

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Greeting and saying goodbye can both be done with a kiss on the right cheek between women and between women and men.

Handshaking is the accepted form of greeting otherwise.

Volume and emotion in everyday conversation is often at a higher level than what a Canadian may typically experience.

Public displays of affection are rare, though younger generations are the ones most likely to challenge the norm.

In addition, it is important to have a neat appearance.

Also, learning some Albanian words is a good advice.This may make it uncomfortable to discuss subjects concerning federal and Balkan politics, including relations with bordering states.Concerning issues of wealth and development, Albanians are conscious of their economic poverty in relation to the rest of Europe.You would be praised for showing the proper respect to the elderly people, women, children and men. Family, work and where someone is from are good topics of conversation.Many people have strong family connections to a rural/village area.Depending on the situation, you can be humorous and you can tell funny things from your experience.

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