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Furthermore, the Ethiopian delegation led by the Ministry of Information Technology Getachew Mekuria arrived at the headquarters of Alibaba in Hangzhou today for a tailored training designed for Ethiopian officials as agreed with prime minister Abiy during his visit in April.

By John Jannarone Government regulations have required many Chinese technology companies to adopt a unique legal structure when listing shares in the U.

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Underpinning them is the Alibaba Partnership, which plays crucial roles in, among other things, planning for leadership succession, human capital management, business ethics and social responsibility.

The partnership also has the right to nominate a majority of directors.

The purpose of the enhancements is to better ensure the stability and proper governance of our VIEs.

The enhanced structure reduces key man and succession risks associated with natural person VIE equity holders by diversifying the ownership interest of VIEs, and, with multiple layers of legal entities between the VIEs and the natural person holders, create an ownership structure that is more stable and self-sustaining.

Chairman of e-commerce giant Alibaba, Jack Ma expected to visit Ethiopia in November.

Ethiopia ambassador to China Teshome Toga on his Twitter page said that the chairman would visit Ethiopia at the invitation of Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.Previously, our VIEs were held by a few individuals.Upon completion of this enhancement process, each VIE will be held by a limited liability company, which in turn will be held indirectly (through a layer of limited partnerships) by selected members of the Alibaba Partnership or our management who are PRC citizens.Corp Gov: Can you take us a bit deeper into the Alibaba Partnership.What does it mean for your business and other shareholders? Lin: Alibaba prides itself on its peerless corporate governance and oversight structure.S., and a number of bad actors have left some investors worried about how much protection shareholders really have.

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