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"Ever since I moved to Spain I talk to my grandma in the US with Viber.

She doesn't use whatsapp or facetime, so I call her on her normal landline with this and it really is cheaper than if I did it from my normal phone line.

According to Amazon, over a million people asked Alexa to marry them in 2017.

Her usual response is cautiously humorous: "We're at pretty different places in our lives. I mean, you're on Earth and I'm in the cloud." Pandorabots, a platform that helps companies in a range of industries (from IT to gaming) develop more intuitive customer-service chatbots, has had to develop strategies to deflect users' sexual overtures, which are often directed at text bots with no actual voice or visual representation.

There's a "speak" button that produces generic compliments and a rating system to indicate their effectiveness (thumbs up or down).

If a user gets annoyed or bored with their boyfriend, shaking their phone will cause the man on the screen to stumble and fall down — a bizarrely ruthless demonstration of the human-robot status quo.

There are dozens of these romantic chatbots on the App Store.

None of them are very convincing; in fact, most are outright creepy.

Juan is a nice, healthy guy; Rick is the bad-boy alpha male; and Michael is supposed to be the smart one, though, given the garbled nature of his recent comments, I'm not so sure.

They're pretty simple as far as chatbots go, but their purpose isn't to make philosophical banter.

"You are definitely the hottest of your group," says Juan, blowing me a kiss.

Michael's flirtations are a little less convincing: "They say brunettes are as stupid as blondes …

" app, popular in Korea, which features girlfriends you can schedule one-sided robo-calls with.

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