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Amu Darya Sasanian mid pers river about 2,500 km long, regarded in ancient times as the boundary between Iran and Turan, the modern name may be derived from Amol.

After the Alid dynasty, the Ziyarid dynasty ruled Iran and Tabaristan.

At this time Amol was developed in such a way that geographers have written articles about the industry and its silk.

Elsewhere he says, one of the peoples who have trusted Darius I Igor M.

Diakonoff says, Amardian lived in the coasts of the Caspian Sea, in the distance of the Alban and Otia from the north and the Hyrcanian from the east.

Though they are a Median tribe, Herodotus names a tribe called Mardians as one of the ten to fifteen Persian tribes in Persis.

It is now known that the only distinction between the Median Amardians and the Persian Mardians is the 'a' in the beginning of Amardians, which would mean they are two different tribes.

The other theory about Amol via Ibn Isfandiyar says, at the request of wife Firoz Shah, he created a large and flourishing city named Amele.

Further evidence of the power of the Amol people is their fighting in the Battle of Thermopylae, Battle of Gaugamela and other Sardis forces in the Achaemenid Empire.

Khalid ibn Barmak built a palace in the city and ruled for years.

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