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A did see a forum user offer this fix along my way but I brushed it off because of what I was convinced the issue was. They certainly gave me quite a few to quench my thirst with. But by simply turning Automatic Date and Time Off and On again fixed made me feel a bit silly in the end. Keep in mind since they haven’t made any effort in helping me initially about this app, that I’m under the impression that there is really nothing wrong with the Starbucks Software but really there is something wrong with the actual phone….

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But this should give you some window of what you would experience if you have to experience what I had to go through. I’ve gone through this issue for about a year now and got nowhere with Starbucks. If don’t have any data of value on your phone, the only way that I’m pretty sure would work is to reinstall or reset your phone into it’s factory settings. keep doing it over and over again because the only thing I loved about calling the call centre is that they offer free coffee from time to time..

I’m not frustrated, I was just more interested in getting the fix so that I could have uploaded it here for others to see. Such a simple fix if you know what you’redoing that is. 😉 Now if only I could figure out how to get my laptop to check for Windows updates again! This would be the only route that I can see that would be your next step. so please do take advantage of this while you are in the situation.

So not to bore you with all the boring details I got about $60 of free Starbucks Coffee from the ordeal for my time and must have spoken to several people over the phone on this issue, we finally got the issue resolved. lol I felt ridiculous complaining I couldn’t load my starbucks app on my phone because I kept getting that error message (Because, you know, first world problems). it did boggle my mind when I had this issue myself with several hours of calls to Starbucks Call Center….

and the steps are as follows: Once you have done this step, make sure you end the Starbucks App program and load it up again, you should be able to get it fixed straight away. So I would just manage by logging into my account on the website from my phone and going that route. They did offer me a few cups of my favorite Frap for my time to reporting it even though they didn’t help me on this.. HI, I have been having this problem from last 1 month, since I have upgraded to the latest version 4.2. Did not notice my app was not updating the amount on my card then all hell broke loose!

5) Right-click the League of Legends icon on your desktop and click Open file location. 3) Click the Update button next to the flagged graphics dvice to automatically download and install the correct version of this driver (you can do this with the FREE version).

I had the weirdest adventure with Starbucks’s Call Center. specialist in me, I decided to uninstall and reinstall the app a few times. Since I hadn’t changed my password in a while and it did not conform to the recommendations/rules, I gave it a try (via a web browser).

I reinstalled the app, there was an update yesterday I installed. Tried your fix, all excited, but it still doesn’t work. So same basic questions are all your Apps up to date? But if your issue is truly “A System Error Has Occurred…” then the main issue is truly the phone…

However included in the middle of these recommendations was the statement “As a matter of best practice, we encourage Starbucks Rewards members to change their passwords often…” and extensive description of the requirements. HOWEVER, I only changed password for my wife’s account and yet my account now works also!!! Sorry for the long message but I’m hoping the full description helps others.

Additional Information : Works on any of these devices: Ipad 2 Ipad Mini Iphone 4 Iphone 5s Samsung Galaxy S4 LG G3 Chrome Internet Browser Samsung S6 : Works Native Internet Browser Samsung S6 : Works ** Doesn’t work on Samsung S6 at the moment.

** I have 2 Samsung Galaxy S6 — as a point of comparison.. Starbucks App : Tried Clearing the Cache and it’s Data several times.

What I gathered is that they would eventually get the idea and get a specialist to spend time with you to get it fixed… When the phone call got cut off I googled Starbucks app Samsung and your web space came up…AND IT WORKED!!! This needs to come up on top of google search results. Thanks again Bryan We uninstalled the update to Webview and it is working fine now.

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