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Because of how widespread the behavior was, it never presented a realistic possibility that Jobs would lose his, err, job as part of the scandal.

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Apple stock fell 9 percent based on the initial news about the scandal, although it didn’t take long for things to rebound. A shiny new product Jobs would show off for the first time less than two weeks later, in January 2007.

As “[P]erhaps the biggest catalyst for Apple’s stock could be the release of a cell phone, which has been widely anticipated for months.

If a share option is at the money (or out of it) it hasn't actually cost the company anything to issue it.

It's not an expense: it might be a contingent liability, something that costs the company money if the share price rises, but it hasn't cost the company any money that day and so isn't an expense that day.

In 2006 an internal company inquiry found that this grant was "improperly recorded" as having been made at a special board meeting that never took place, but largely exonerated Jobs over the matter, saying that the options had been returned without being exercised and that he was "unaware of the accounting implications".

In 2007 the US Securities and Exchange Commission announced that it would not file charges against Apple, but had filed charges against two former executives for their alleged roles in backdating Apple options.

The scandal also challenged people’s perception of Apple as “the good guys” and Jobs’ as a CEO who wasn’t money-hungry.

(Over the next year, this perception that Apple was no longer a scrappy underdog fighting the establishment would again be challenged when Apple sought legal action against bloggers for reporting on the company’s trade secrets.) In the end, the SEC announced in April 2007 that it would not pursue a case against Apple — in part because the company had set up an internal investigation into the stock scandal so rapidly.

News of the Apple backdating scandal didn’t find its way into the public consciousness until late 2006.

The company was the most prominent of several to have engaged in similar behavior, including Broadcom, Novell, Mc Afee and CNET.

Similarly, an out or at the money option isn't income to the recipient on that day: it's contingent income, contingent on the share price going up.

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