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This time it was with a small piece of wild stripped bass, and a quarter of an avocado.

We made a pit stop first and had lunch at Nopalito. We had the — they’re basically like chilaquiles without the egg. We got to this gorgeous house on the beach in Bolinas, and started hanging out with everyone and bbq’ing.

We went to a cute little spot, I think it was called Coast Café. Wednesday, March 16 Protein shake at home (noticing a trend here? I had a veggie bowl at work, which I made up and included spigarello (flowering kale tops), roasted cauliflower and Calabrian chilies.

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After that, my girlfriend Sara and I went to lunch. We shared BBQ pork rolls and I also had a spicy beef and chicken pho. It was my first time eating carbs in more than two weeks. It’s cooked in red wine, chili and chocolate, and delicious. I use Star Route greens, and throw in some Cara Cara oranges and pomegranates. Saturday, March 12 It was a friend’s 40th birthday in Bolinas, so I had the weekend off!

I also ate half of one of the carrots that it was in the braise. Sara and I woke up, had a pot of coffee at home and packed up the car and got ready to head out of town.

Richard wants to invest his winnings to finally succeed in opening a fine dining restaurant in Atlanta.

Unfortunately, he struggles between his ambitions in the kitchen and being there for his family at home.

I needed a little Hair of the Dog, and had a Boone Amber. I went to the gym after work, and then had a head of broccoli and half a bunch of asparagus that I cooked with a little bit of this yuzu chili sauce.

Then we headed back to the house and took a quick nap. We headed back to the beach house after that and hit the hot tub with some whiskey and ginger ale. Monday, March 14 We drove home early in the morning—oh, after some coffee. We got take out that night, from Spicy Bite, an Indian restaurant nearby. Started the morning off with a protein shake at home, and a quick stop at Dynamo Donuts for coffee on my way in.

Had to wash it down with something…had some whiskey and wine.

I ended the night with birthday cake and Miller Lights.

Their new Rittenhouse restaurant will fill the vacant space at the Warwick Hotel that was formerly Tavern 17, at 220 S. Before heading out of Philly seven years ago, she was at Eric Ripert’s now-closed 10 Arts at the Ritz-Carlton. Riddle, a former sous chef at Townsend on East Passyunk, was also working for Isabella in D. Carroll and Riddle are planning Spice Finch as a Mediterranean bistro and cocktail bar, reports

Look for art deco décor and a vegetable-heavy menu that pulls from North African, Middle Eastern, Greek, and French cuisines. She first worked for Ripert at Le Bernadin in New York and came back to Philly to open 10 Arts in 2008, before heading to New York again and then D.

concocted a snack for a kids' slumber party at the Museum of Natural History, and well, things went downhill from there.

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