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This lends a casual dimension to the relationship by allowing either or both partners to dissolve the relationship on grounds such as incompatibility or the loss of emotional connection.

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As many as 65 percent of those studied in the late 1980s and 1990s indicated that their relationships had included instances of unwanted aggressive physical contact.

Other studies have yielded a prevalence of relationship violence at around 10 per cent.

Studies also suggest that violent actions are frequently elicited by jealousy on the part of one partner or as a response exacerbated by the effects of drugs or alcohol.

In addition to physical aggression and threats, stalking has been cited by researchers as an abusive, intimidating tactic that can occur in dating relationships.

Let's do our part to make sure teens come out of those first magical — and at times excruciating — dating experiences stronger and with new healthy relationship skills.

VICENZA, Italy (January 30, 2019) -- The teen years are notorious for awkward dating and amateur romantic relationships.

More extreme examples include violence of an unwanted sexual nature.

Researchers assert that such violent behaviors result from one partner's desire to control the other and may be exacerbated by outside circumstances surrounding the relationship.

It is important to make a distinction between dating violence and marital violence.

Their physical and psychological outcomes are similar, but their origins are very different.

Experts have theorized that the role of violence differs for both men and women.

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