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The first speed dating event took place at Peet’s Café in Beverly Hills in late 1998, and you can fast forward to 2017 at Elixir 16 for mine.” (shout out to Jumpin’ Jacks and pistachio soft serve twist!

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On the list of wireless networks, my network says "Acquiring network address" but it doesn't actually connect.

I tried rebooting my computer, repairing my connection, and restarting my router, and I am still having this problem.

One of these may be doing strange things with the connection.

If that does not work it could be a newtork card driver issue.

This continued for several rounds, and while I don’t have an official final count, I know we doe-see-doe’d around the table for a solid hour and change.

If you’re still unsure about anything to do with speed dating evenings just get in touch with us at Ditch or Date where our staff can help you out in a friendly and understanding way.

To try and fix this do the following: 1) Turn off all computers within the vicinity of your network.

I thought that at first, perhaps, a virus and/or malware somehow got by and changed/altered the wireless settings, though the antivirus software and Malwarebytes software is up-to-date and is showing no problems.

However we are often able to take additional bookings that do not effect the balance of numbers - eg two men and two women.

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