Articles in need of updating

These inclusion criteria can be modified in the light of developments within the topic area with new interventions, new standards, and new approaches.

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However, Cochrane’s principle of keeping all reviews up to date has not been possible, and the organisation has had to adapt: from updating when new evidence becomes available,7 to updating every two years,8 to updating based on need and priority.9 This experience has shown that it is not possible, sensible, or feasible to continually update all reviews all the time.

Other groups, including guideline developers and journal editors, adopt updating principles (as applied, for example, by the journal;

Recommendations were presented to an invited forum of individuals with varying levels of expertise in systematic reviews from Mc Master University (of over 40 people), widely known for its contributions to the field of research evidence synthesis.

Their comments helped inform the emerging guidance.

Updating of systematic reviews is generally more efficient than starting all over again when new evidence emerges, but to date there has been no clear guidance on how to do this.

This guidance helps authors of systematic reviews, commissioners, and editors decide when to update a systematic review, and then how to go about updating the review.

The organising committee selected the panel (web appendix 1).

The organising committee invited participants, put forward the agenda, collected background materials and literature, and drafted the structure of the report.

Participants within these groups were selected on their expertise and experience in updating, in previous work developing methods to assess reviews, and because some were recognised for developing approaches within organisations to manage updating strategically.

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