Athiest dating christian girl

It wasn't a problem for us and she drifted away completely from the Church, especially when she "sinned" by being divorced and then marrying me, an atheist divorcee, she would prolly have been excommunicated anyway! It was just assumed since such a large percentage of the population (at least around here) are christian.

Now that I am an atheist I try to be open and up front about it and that turns a lot of women away, even ones I hit it off well with and ones that are not actively christian.

I am sure you are all aware of this, but being an atheist seems to dramatically reduce the dating pool.

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@shawn she is christian christian, @Bel42 thankx for you open mindedness =) @annonymous user, I don't like her just because she is christian I just want to know that she won't hold my atheism against me.

Of course people have to learn to compromise with each other, but what if the person you are dating is unwilling to compromise, what if one of you wants sex far more than the other?

What if she is perfect except she thinks Twilight is the most awesome book ever?

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Those of you dating or in a relationship with/married to another atheist, how did you meet your partner?

I could also point out that most of us athiests would like to date someone who is an athiest for good reasons.

I mean, a scientologist is technicly an athiest, but not for reasons based on logic or science.

Think about it, religion is only one factor in a relationship.

If one is looking for long term compatibility there are literally thousands of things that can drive two people apart.

*shudder* No matter if you are atheist or theist, you will run into people who are simply undatable by you.

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