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As we were holding each other my bulging felt on her thighs.I could not control myself and the cock was bulging again as I was thinking about the story .

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The story was telling about one boy having sex with his aunt.

The book completely changed my attitude and thought towards woman.

She put her hands around me and pressed me hard against her and was kissing me deeply.

After a while she asked to increase my speed little by little. She was whispering on my ears many sexy words ……like…oh my sweetie fuck me harder my pussy never had a cock for a long time…your cock is inside my pussy…thrust harder and harder and make my pussy soft….my pussy cum….. Fill my pussy with your cock milk my dear boy…I am waiting for this from you from your c***dhood … Then I took her in to my hug and kissed her entire body.

Then she asked me to press slowly until all my cock goes inside of her pussy. After that she said Ram, Please do it faster, I can’t wait further, please fuck me”. Then I laid down on the bed with her ass on the edge of the bed. “Aunty ur pussy lips r simply superb”, I told her while inserting my middle finger in her pussy.

All my 7 inch cock was inside her pussy and it was filled in her pussy fully. When I took first time all my cock came out of her pussy and she told me that to keep the head inside and don’t take all cock out. Then I started doing it as she told me and really I was fucking her, my first fuck. Then I touched her pussy lips with my top of dick and rubbed there.

She was so wet and each time my cock goes inside it was making a noise… she asked me to tell her sexy words like this and I whispered in her ear the same thing…she started making funny noises. Her pussy is simply superb with beautiful convex shape. Her beautiful pussy is in pink color and I licked her pussy with my tongue.

After few minutes, I started having a sort of feeling on my body. I told her about it and she told me that I nearing to the climax and she also was going to have the same……it was a kind of feeling and I felt that I was flying on the sky.

She lost control and she started kissing me wildly on all over my face.

She put one hand on my butts and pressed me hard against her.

Then I started to imagine my aunt naked as seen on the photos.

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