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Someone who makes you smile, pushes you to be a better human person, who is always there to be honest and yet, kind—that’s the type of person you want to marry.

Getting engaged means you’re both more patient and more pleasant to be around when you’re with one another. If you want to vacation at Disney World but your mate would rather go to the Bahamas, then a 50/50 compromise leaves you both adrift in the Atlantic Ocean. It’s about using ‘we’ statements and serving someone besides yourself.

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One of the things to consider before getting married is what it actually means.

Unfortunately, becoming man and wife isn’t just one long, romantic, rose-colored date.

That’s why this is one of the most important questions to consider before you get engaged: ‘Do I like this person? “Assume that any negative qualities you’re seeing will remain negative, and be realistic about what you’re willing to live with,” she says.

’ What irritates you about your guy now will really grate on you after you’re married. So consider this pre engagement advice and what’s a dealbreaker and what’s not before your boyfriend becomes your husband, or your girlfriend becomes your wife.

You can get real about your worries, dreams, frustrations and mess-ups without fear of being judged. In marriage, living as a 24/7 partnership, there’s no way you can keep your guard up all the time.

If you and your significant other enjoy a ‘you can tell me anything’ relationship, then that’s a great start.

Here are some important questions to consider before you get engaged : Can you talk about tough stuff?

Can you disagree and find a route to working it out and still like each other?

Though age is just a number, many wonder ‘how old do you have to be to get engaged.’ This is most due to having a level of confidence, maturity and experience before you pair yourself with another person. ) is the legal definition, but many experts share post-25 is a better time to say ‘I do.’ And the closer you get to the 30, the less likely you are to get divorced.

At the top of things to know before marriage, accepting and loving your partner for who they are at their core—good and bad qualities alike—is essential.

If this person makes you upset, makes you feel less or you have anxiety around them—why would you want to spend the rest of your life around that energy? You’re in a healthy spot to consider getting engaged if you can handle not getting your way sometimes. Things to consider before getting engaged include knowing what areas you are willing to release your control on and which ones you would need to be a stick in the mud.

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