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Malware called trojan horses pretend to be a helpful program (such as antivirus), but really work to break your system or collect your data.

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URL where you can find more info: Dan Schenker This is an important task and updating antiviruses constantly because these antivirus companies are always updated about new virus and malware attacks and they made special tag lines or changes in the antivirus software that makes our data safeguard from that exact virus or malware so it it important to update antiviruses constantly.

snaptube How often you run antivirus software depends on how much time you are on the web and the number of "unknown" sites you visit.

Get your computer to do the work for you; let him do the checking with a scheduled task.

tag=content Main;content Bodybe sure to give more details, eg;1] Which AVG, the free version or the paid version.2] What version AVG?

I normally am on the web 2-3 hrs a day and visit the same websites on a daily basis and have my antivirus software set to automatically scan once a week.

Anti virus and firewalls should be updated regularly to ensure proper protection.Antivirus software is commonly updated via webupdates, which can be tens of megabytes.If you prefer not to download the software, then how will you be updating the antivirus software.Even if the software cant update, most good antivirus programs contain enough signatures to find most viruses without updating frequently. boot your computer in safe mode and run a virus scan from there. By updating software, you accept updates which the developer has made to the software over time.An updated version is often more advanced than the original. Mobile Application Antivirus - Pen Drive can be protected by antivirus as long as there is platform, then there is OS, then there is applications softwares that can be installed like Antivirus. I wouldn`t consider it practical to check more frequent than every 10 minutes.Client applications attach files to SOAP messages and submit them to the Gateway Anti-Virus web service.

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