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This problem will only get worse in the coming years, and it is the media's responsibility to fairly and accurately cover all sides of the story, and that means covering all sports equally.Your preferences can be adjusted to filter matches to your desires.

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Certainly the timing of the publishing was not coincidental.

Whether Barry Bonds used these substances to attain his record setting numbers is irrelevant in the world of baseball; at the time of the accused drug use, steroids were not illegal in baseball. But this story, and the story of all steroid use in sport, has little to do with the rules of the game.

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All this doesn't mean that all in the sports media are blind to what has been happening.

Some are now ready to admit that they did not do their jobs properly.

The best example of this is the case of former Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Jason , suspended from baseball for steroid use, named five high profile players who used steroids, including one of the best pitchers in recent history, Roger Clemens.

This information was obtained through a leaked affidavit, and the story spread throughout the continent.

It is evident that the media has little to no interest in drug stories outside of baseball, and that is a shame.

All sports are susceptible to this problem, not just baseball, and the media needs to evenly focus its attention on all of them.

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