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First and most important: is it illegal or unethical to now create the amendment that should have been created early on in year 2012, and to make it effective as of the first of the year (backdate it), thus making it possible to file a consolidated return?Likewise, the same question for backdating similar amendments for the entities that were startups later on in year 2012?

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But if we cannot file a consolidated return, each entity will have to file separately (on Form 1065), and the owners may not be able to take advantage of the loss due to lack of sufficient basis in that one entity.

This would mean that the owners would have to pay a lot of taxes on the profits of the other initial LLC for year 2012.

The holding company S-corp would have issued just two K-1s, one to the husband, and one to the wife; they are the owners of the S-corp, 50/50.

Then the results of the group of business entities, all with the same ownership, would have carried over to the Form 1040 for the husband and wife.

If those initial two LLCs had never been split apart, the owners would not have the tax problem they now face.

At this point, is it just as impossible for us to put the two initial LLCs that were split out from the original S-corp, back into the original S-corp as if no change had been made from a tax preparation point of view?

This is the granted option that would be reported to the SEC.

The act of options backdating became much more difficult after companies were required to report the granting of options to the SEC within two business days.

The legal complaint alleged that from 1993 to 2006, the former CEO and the former chief accounting officer directed the company to engage in schemes to provide undisclosed compensation to executives and certain employees. Lin was accused of backdating stock option documents in order to give the appearance that options were granted on earlier dates than issued.

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