Backdating insurance

His wife and son had been involved in a head on collision with a beer distributor truck in the early afternoon.

They were traveling east on a snow covered road and the beer distributor truck was going west.

I can do a proof of insurance back to the date of purchase so you would have coverage for this accident.

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They collided and the son was killed and the wife was in serious condition in the hospital.

“ My wife and son were involved in an accident early this afternoon and we couldn’t find our proof of insurance.

She attempted to get over on her side but the snow groove was too deep and she could not get out of it.

The trucker saw what was happening and he applied his brakes attempting to get his truck stopped but to no avail.

Unfortunately, snow plows had not been able to keep the road free of snow and both lanes of traffic were sharing a common lane.

When his wife rounded a curve, the lane she was in crossed the yellow line into the oncoming traffic.You may also want to get financial advice before you decide to make voluntary contributions.However, you can get cheap insurance rates in Texas because there are some good discounts if you have a burglar and fire protection device in your car that reduces the risk of the stolen vehicle and caught fire.The insurance company did pay for the funeral expenses of their son and her medical up to the limits of the policy but nothing could be done to pay for their totaled vehicle or the damages done to the truck. Expiration date–Exact day when insurance coverage ends.Inception date–Exact date a policy goes into effect. It begins at the exact timing requested on the application, i.e. Unless there is a contractual provision for renewal, the policy expiration date is determined to be at a.m. If there is an agreement to renew, then a grace period would be allowed.Check your National Insurance record to find out: Voluntary contributions do not always increase your State Pension.

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