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Although they took up less space in the pantry, they were never as popular as the regular canning jars and so are a little rare - making them a little higher in value. Of course, the better the condition of the jar, the more it will be worth.Chips and cracks will diminish the value of old canning jars significantly, while a jar in good condition with its original lid will be worth the most.Age is an important factor in the evaluation of canning jars, especially since they are made of glass and breakable.

Unique closures might not have been favored by yesteryear's homemaker, but they are a hot commodity among today's collector.

Collectors Weekly notes some types of closures include the following: Color can be difficult to describe.

Larger canning jars are unusual, and fewer have survived over the years.

These can go for much higher prices at auction, depending on other factors.

If you can your own fruits and vegetables, you might be surprised to find the value of old canning jars is often significant, with some examples reaching into the thousands of dollars.

If you are using the ones your grandmother left you, that jar of spiced peaches might be worth more than you think.

Many factors can affect the value of old canning jars, but ultimately, rare jars in good condition will fetch the most money.

If you think you have an unusual jar that may be valuable, consider having it professionally appraised.

That's the only sure way to determine whether you have a pretty piece of canning history or a functional treasure from yesteryear.

The factories that produce Ball jars are largely in Indiana (where they have been since 1886.) At least some of its jars are made for it by companies such as the Ardagh Group.

The Ball US quart jar is actually about 3 tablespoons smaller than the equivalent Bernardin litre jars, and the Ball US pint jar is about 1 1/2 tablespoons smaller than the equivalent Bernardin 1/2 litre jar.

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