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The second fret will give you the notes on a baritone ukulele.If you place the capo behind the seventh fret you will have the notes that are on a regular ukulele.(If you prefer metal strings for the true banjo sound.

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The dowell stick is from oak and is attached to the neck with a 1/4" double ended screw about an inch long screwed into the neck with pliers.

The dowell stick is screwed on from inside the bottle by twisting it tightly on to the screw.

They don't really sound like banjos and they don't sound like ukuleles.

There are a variety of different types and each type souds different from the others.

The pictures above show a ukulele made from the bottom of a plastic water bottle which was sawed off with a fine-saw Dremel tool.

It fullfilled my plan to make a ukulele with a good tone that would not be very loud.

The banjo ukes with the larger pots and heavy tension rings generally sound better than the smaller light-weight ones.

Banjo players who sing generally place some kind of padding (such as old socks) behind and in contact with the vellum or plastic head to mute the sound. Links to some banjo ukulele video clips are on the Links page of this website.

Shown above is a five string banjo that has been "ukefied", that is fixed so that you can use ukulele chords that you already know.

This is done by taking off the short string and replacing the other strings with Aquila Classical banjo strings (which are nylon) and tuning the strings so they are one note lower than on a baritone ukulele: C F A D.

You can hear me playing it on listed as: cheap uke 1 and cheap uke a. The same construction technique can be used for making banjo ukuleles if you substitute a hand drum or cookie tin for the plastic jug bottom.

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