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Or does that overstep boundaries and put too much restriction on an employee’s personal life?Legally speaking, in most states an employer can enact a policy that prohibits employees from dating one another.

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The most enjoyable part of this job is going to work each and every day with positive enthusiastic individuals.

However, employers may have another opinion on the matter. What Are the Potential Pitfalls of Employee Romances?

They preach a diverse culture but I found in my location that was not the case.

As a teller it was awesome opportunity but the hours were all over the place and less hours to work. They had enough people already so my hours were only 15 per week not enough to survive. For a CSR, and someone who's going to school, its a great part time things that I do not completely agree with are the sales goals, it can be overwhelming.

Short of banning all workplace dating, here are some other options that many employers choose: If an employer opts to implement any such dating policy, it’s important to enforce it fairly and consistently—not in a way that discriminates. Be sure to check your local and state laws and consult legal counsel when necessary.

For example, if an employer’s policy dictates that one of the partners must leave the organization if a relationship is discovered, it cannot always be the woman who is forced to leave. About Bridget Miller: Bridget Miller is a business consultant with a specialized MBA in International Economics and Management, which provides a unique perspective on business challenges.

I could help people who are having problems with their card or deposit money into their accounts and help new people open accounts and when they pay their bills I would put a stamp on the bill stating paid Work life balance is good, salary is okay not the greatest.

Management could use an overhaul especially some of the customer service managers - location where I worked there was lots of gossip with the managers.

Prohibiting it could decrease morale and could even result in losing employees who wish to date coworkers but cannot.

In practical terms, it can be incredibly difficult to enforce, too.

She’s been working in the corporate world for over 15 years, with experience across multiple diverse departments including HR, sales, marketing, IT, commercial development, and training.

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