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The fastest pitch recognized by MLB was on September 25, 2010, at Petco Park in San Diego by then Cincinnati Reds left-handed relief pitcher Aroldis Chapman. Two general methods are used to throw a four-seam fastball.

The first and most traditional way is to find the horseshoe seam area, or the area where the seams are the farthest apart.

The WBSC Softball Competitions Commission was recently tasked with reviewing, developing and introducing an initial world ranking system, and will continue to study the best method for expanding the rankings to include multi-sport events, regional championships, head-to-heads and other WBSC-recognised international competitions in which its 141 members worldwide participate.

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The US has pulled to within 63 ranking points of the top spot, having defended its world titles at the U-12 and U-18 Baseball World Cups in 2015, while placing second at the 2015 Pan-Am Games and in the Premier12 Championship, which awards the most ranking points of any international competition.

Chinese Taipei has moved up from fourth position to third, a historical high for the nation.

Italy is shown as ninth in both women’s fastpitch and baseball, but does not have a men’s fastpitch ranking.

GB comes next after the Netherlands and the Czech Republic in Europe across all three formats.

Australia is ranked third in both fastpitch disciplines but only 13th in baseball, while Canada is second in men’s fastpitch, fourth in women’s fastpitch and eighth in baseball.

After winning the recent Premier12 Global Baseball Championship, Korea has climbed to fourth position in the baseball rankings, but is not ranked in either men’s or women’s softball.

They not only provide a benchmarking tool for nations to construct and evaluate their strategic and development plans, but they also give the players and fans a new and exciting way to express the pride of their country through sport." The WBSC baseball world rankings reflect a four-year cycle and a data set of more than 1,000 international competitions dating back to 2012.

Ranked Number 1 since November 2014, Japan, with 5,154 points, remains the top-ranked baseball power, while the United States remains in second place with 5,091 points.

Pitchers who throw more slowly can put movement on the ball, or throw it on the outside of home plate where batters can't easily reach it.

The appearance of a faster pitch can sometimes be achieved by minimizing the batter's vision of the ball before its release.

Hillerich & Bradsby Co., Louisville Slugger, used different center brands over the years on their line of baseball bats., The different logos, and trademarks can be used to date the era your bat was made.1906 P. Goldsmith bought out Mac Gregor in 1944 and became known as "Mac Gregor Goldsmith" Finally, in 1952 the Goldsmith name was dropped entirely and the company was simply called Mac Gregor.

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