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This council which opened 1 August, 1020, had a politico-ecclesiastical character similar to that of the Toledan councils of the Visigothic period .

Very soon the original military colony admitted civilian colonists, as the ancient epitaphs prove.

Within a few years after its foundation the Legatus Augustalis who governed the Asturias was residing in this settlement.

García died early (914), and Galicia, which had been Ordoño's share, was united to Leon. Esteban de Gormaz, and was routed by them at Valdejunquera reduced the Counts of Castile to submission and founded the cathedral of Leon (914-24).

Leon now attained the chief place among the Christian States of Western Spain, but in the middle of the same century (the tenth) Castile began her efforts to achieve her liberation from Leonese vassalage.

Leon fell into the power of the Mussulman invaders, but they did not long retain it; it was reconquered by Alfonso I, the Catholic.

Destroyed a second time by the Mussulmans in the time of Abderahman II (846), it was again rebuilt by Ordoño I (850-866), who erected there a royal residence which Ordoño II afterwards transformed into a cathedral.In the spring of 1029 the city of Leon was the scene of a bloody event which was of transcendent importance in Spanish history.Don García, Count of Castile, who was about to be married to Doña Sancha, sister of Bermudo III, King of Leon, was assassinated as he was entering the church of S.Christianity must have been introduced very early, for it had its bishops at least as early as the third century, and the names of Basilides and Decentius are known before the time of the Germanic invasions.These invaders do not seem to have established themselves in Leon — a stronghold of the imperial power — until Euric (466-84), or at least Leovigild (572-86), drove out the imperial garrison.Among the bishops of Leon at this period figure Siuntila, Frunimius, Maurus, and Vincent, and the great St.

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