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I mean, Brian is fun and all, but we've barely been dating for a month. And her name is Miley." Theo gave Charlie a confused look. Between his groping, and Miley's manipulations, Charlie was sporting a massive erection in no time.

====== Stacy stood as straight as she could, with her arms at her sides. "They're totally going to freak." She spun and flopped on the edge of her bed.

A nervous lump formed in her throat, and as she spoke she was afraid no sound would come out. I'm pregnant." Only silence answered Stacy as she stared into the long mirror hanging on the back of her bedroom door. Clasping a pillow to her flat (for now) stomach, Stacy worried about the reaction from her parents, guessing at their displeasure.

Charlie began to recall his life as the high school nerd; Theo was almost a mirror image. "Squeeze my butt; that always turns you on." Charlie laid his palms on Miley and gripped her ass with kneading fingers.

Charlie almost chuckled when he looked at what Theo was wearing: a pair of ratty khaki pants and a wrinkled Batman tee shirt. All we can do is be there for them, I guess." "It's pretty scary." Miley said, nibbling on a French fry. Reaching back, she gripped him in her damp hand and began playing with his shaft.

"I can't wait to taste your cum." Miley whispered, reaching a hand to the back of Charlie's neck and encouraging him to suck on her earlobe. I'll just open wide so you can shoot your yummy seeds right into my mouth." "....fuck, Miley..." "Make me feel like a dirty whore, Charlie." Miley begged wantonly. I promise I'll swallow it all..." Charlie grew panicked, pulling out of Miley quickly. She spun, kneeling to the hard cement floor, her panties still stretched between her thighs.

"I'm going to suck it right out of your cock and swallow down every drop." Miley reached her other hand behind them and clasped Charlie's thrusting ass, "I want your cum inside me Charlie, I want to swallow down your essence and make your body a part of mine." Charlie's thrusts slowed, but became sharp and powerful. His penis slipped out from her dripping sex and bobbed in the air. She leaned her head back and opened her mouth wide, offering Charlie a perfect target.She began sucking, swallowing his sperm down her throat and coaxing out every drop, all while rubbing out her own orgasm.Charlie could only stand, weak-kneed and marvel at Miley's sexual skill.As soon as she felt the warm, sticky fluid against her tongue Miley shuddered in orgasm, her thighs fluttering as her pussy leaked its honey-like dew onto the cement floor.Miley took the head of Charlie's cock into her mouth and sealed her lips around his crown.While assuming the position, she had her hand between her legs and was vigorously masturbating.

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