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The research formed the basis from which Team Role theory would spring, although its significance was not fully recognised at the time.

In Australia, Meredith worked with colleagues studying intellectual abilities and teamworking.

Meredith Belbin was thirteen years of age when the Second World War broke out.

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This took him all over the world wherever the question of older people in industry arose.

In the USA, he worked with the US Department of Labor, integrating underprivileged members of the community whose talents would otherwise have gone to waste.

Never one for keeping to convention, Meredith began to branch out and read about anthropology and economics, tucking himself away for hours at a time at the world-renowned University Library at Cambridge.

After some consideration, he switched courses to Psychology, completing a two-year course in half the allotted time.

In recent years, Meredith has visited China and Russia to speak about the application of Team Roles in different cultures.

His message was well-received by the Russian Atomic Energy Authority and helped change attitudes to management in Russia.Rusal, a Russian aluminium company, embraced Meredith’s philosophy with regards to organisational structure as well as individual difference.Today, Meredith still plays an active role at Belbin Associates.The team conducted three business games a year, with eight teams in each game.During each game, observers methodically recorded different interactions and contributions from the players, which were scrutinised and categorised after the event.Meredith suggests that the theme of playing to one’s strengths and managing weaknesses came to the fore even at this early age, with his poor performance in Mathematics being mitigated by excellence in Latin.

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