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This is, in part, because of some ho-hum level designs that encourage boring, non-strategic play, but also because players rack up more BPs when they put bullets into their foes.

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DICE's Frostbite engine looks even better in this sequel, and every battleground is bathed in rich geometric detail and gorgeous lighting effects.

Endor's thick forests, Naboo's gilded palace, and Mos Eisley's sand-swept city have never looked better in video game form.

Even when the maps rank up there with DICE's best, players must still contend with a shooting game that wants to have it all: -friendly accessibility.

The result that has played out thus far in the game's early access periods, open to paying EA Access subscribers and the game's special edition owners, is a game with a serious lack of tactical combat that comes together in a fluid manner.

The mode rarely surpasses that first-blush wonder, however, with incredibly mild control and attack options for each ship.

These just aren't satisfying dogfights beyond basic, solid arcade-level thrills.Evasive maneuvers like loop-de-loops are practically impossible, and your best hope is to unlock the correct evasion-minded Star Cards through the course of gameplay.Meanwhile, when you board a flying craft during Galactic Assault battles, the results are weird.If the attackers die too many times, however, the defenders win.(This is represented by a "number of lives" pool shared among all squadmates, good and noob alike.) You and your squadmates do all of this while the best Star Wars trappings light up and explode around you.You don't get special flight-specific objectives while you're up there, and many of the ships have nothing in the way of ground-specific attacks or perks to help with the objectives on the ground.

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