Bible whites dating blacks time updating

God “made from one man every nation of mankind to live on all the face of the earth” (Acts ).

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Just two weeks ago, I spoke with a friend whose Korean parents have lived as American citizens in the same neighborhood in California for decades, only to find their house, soon after the election, for the first time ever, spray-painted with racial slurs telling them to get out.

I remember from the time I was a teenager growing up in South Carolina how the arguments from “nature” were used, and carried the day for most of us in our blindness to the fullness of biblical truth.

Our salvation in Christ does not obliterate all ethnic and cultural differences.

He redeems, refines, and enriches them in the togetherness of his kingdom.

I agree that ethnic diversity is God’s good plan for humanity, and that it serves to glorify God more than ethnic sameness would have.

This ethnic diversity will mark the people of God in the age to come.

God seems to delight not just in three or five, but in thousands of variations of human beings.

In fact, many today would argue that the concept of race is unhelpful altogether because there are no clear lines that can be drawn, and the ones that are drawn are not genetically or morally significant.

South Carolina did not amend its state constitution on the issue for thirty years (1998), and Alabama took until 2000. But far more important than the legalization of interracial marriage in one nation is the fact that God’s revealed will for the world is not undermined but advanced when a man and a woman from different ethnicities marry in Christ.

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