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The general public/society mimics what they see, so this phenomena is only becoming more popular and more prevalent in the black community.

By contrast, having a preference towards a person dark skin person is often times due to shared cultural values.

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It is pretty common knowledge that black women are at the bottom of the dating pool.

What may not be common knowledge is the split in the black community that has to do with (and may be caused by) this phenomenon.

Some Black women give men who date non-Black women a hard time, but should Black women get a pass simply because the ratio of college educated Black women to Black men is disproportionate? Then, tell us about your experiences with interracial dating in the comments.

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As a result, they are readily desired by women of all races.

For Black women, this fetishization is bitterly different (aside from the occasional non-black partner looking to fulfill their “jungle fever” fantasies), and unlike black men, we do not directly reap its benefits.

The most interesting aspect of it all however, is how both genders are fetishized.

For instance, Black men are fetishized for their inherently masculine physiques, swagger and “sexual superiority”.

In the meantime, black women, who are arguably the backbone of the black community, who are arguably always behind black men, and who are always proving emotional support: are ignored; while black athletes, rappers and actors flock to nonblack women.

And what is even more troubling, is that oftentimes, these same black men will allow their nonblack partners to take on a bastardized version of a black woman (allowing them to use racial slurs, wear black/African hairstyles, talk with AAVE, Ex: Lovely Mimi), seeing it as hip, but castigate a black woman for doing the same thing.

In theory, these people with higher instances of privilege should be the ones putting their bodies on the line, for the sake of black people. Why are black women constantly being degraded online by men of their own race, while still being expected to defend black men with their time, emotional labor, and lives?

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