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I swear that finding new pally blogs gets harder and harder.I do come across exciting new blogs…only to have them die before they’ve been around long enough to link to. I never liked Ferraro (oh yes, I am totally mean girls! The content was often questionable, and, mostly, the writing style had always been a little…off…Oh, and I fixed the link to the Paladin forum at Plus Heal. Welcoming our new Retribution brother We have a new retribution blogger! Chronicles of a Casual (and don’t let the name fool you, he is a raider, a dps paladin, and informative) fills in a huge gap in the paladin community by writing, with a teachy approach, about his adventures as a ret pally, both in raids and with the target dummy.

So in thanks for the countless hours of entertainment, I give a goodbye salute to Ferraro and Paladin Shmaladin.

Welcoming the new general paladin bloggers In the general paladining category, you can now find a link Ask Mr Robot. She was our pally tank rep on The Double O Podcast’s Tanking Roundtable, and is fluent in both Protection and Holy.

The other holy paladin blogger is Dreamy from Drunkard’s Regalia.

Her style is completely unique, and, in my opinion, a refreshing change from the many more formal blogs out there. If you’re looking to add some spice to your blog reading, Drunkard’s Regalia is a good place to start.

Out of all the holy bloggers who’ve opened shop since my last update, Amowrath is one of the two that are still among us.

Head over to his page, give him some love, and convince him to stick around!My paladin blogroll is already quite long and if I added the blogs I read, we’d have the list that never ends (yes, it goes on and on my friend).I aim for active blogs on general topics and/or blogs of more personal friends (because, yes, it’s my blog and if I want to play favorites, I’m totally allowed). If you’re a long time Wo W blog reader, you might recognize the writing style of More Bars Than You‘s Skip Cocoa.More importantly, it means I have disposable income to pay for my habit (that pesky thing called baseball cards).I am going to ask if I can hang out on Friday night at the convention center as the spring card show is this weekend.So I decided to take two Topps packs each from Target and Walmart and put them in a box. So the first card from that pack, the official Topps first card for 2018 (for me) is: Jose Abreu, the White Sox' first baseman, card #280.

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