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I like that she's publicly displaying suggestions and answers, because in this case, one-to-many communication seems better than one-to-one.So I thought, why not encourage patrons to use Twitter as a suggestion box?I found an @bloglines user, but even though he's using the Bloglines logo, he indicates it's not an official Bloglines account.

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After evaluating a few alternatives, I switched to Netvibes.

And now that I've invested a month tweaking it and getting comfortable with it, the idea of switching again - even back to something "familiar" - is just not appealing and I'm not going to do it.

They didn't say they were looking to spin it off, or really give its users any obvious signs of hope.

The deadline extensions implied they were exploring ways to continue the service, but my feeds were too important to me to sit around and hope.

Numerous bloggers are reporting issues with Bloglines again today.

I’ve been noticing it for at least 24 hours here – folders that say they have unread items that when you click on them have nothing in them as well as other folders that seem to be empty but which actually do have items in them.

So, I think the moral of the story also applies to libraries: *Incidentally, this is, as I see it, exactly the business model Facebook uses (and exactly why I don't use Facebook).

All the ways Facebook's users' privacy is violated can be traced back to it - the more information about you they sell to advertisers, the more money they make.

So if you can't host it yourself but would like to use tt-rss, contact Blake to create an account. I'm still sad about Bloglines, but I think I could get used to either of these. I use Bloglines to read rss feeds, and a couple weeks ago they changed their interface.

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