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As the conversation progresses, let the woman see she’s earned you’re interest by giving her more positive body language and turning towards her more fully.

Touch At the very least touch a sign a girl is comfortable with you, but it’s often a sign the woman is interested in you.

Positive body language When a woman is attracted to you she’s going to give you a lot of positive body language.

Her face, chest, and feet will all point in your direction.

This is part of the body language of attraction as it’s a sign she feels relaxed and is comfortable connecting with you.

It opens the door for her to feel attraction (though it can be a sign she feels attraction already).

For example, when a person looks down and away it’s often a signal of shame.

So if the girl looked down –and-away after making eye contact, there’s a good chance she’s interested in you but just feels shy.

You’ll know when a girl is interested in you, as well as what signals to give off to create attraction with women.

To learn all about the body language of attraction – what these mutual attraction signals are, how to spot them, and how to use them to attract women – read on.

She will often lean towards you – even entering your personal space.

These signals are big part of the body language of attraction.

To use this sign of attraction to your advantage, you want to keep your body language open as often as possible.

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