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Warren has apologized and taken down a 2018 video from her campaign website in which she trumpeted the results of a DNA test examining her heritage. Warren’s condominium this year.“We’re friends, we text each other,” said the congresswoman, noting that she and Ms.

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Warren reveal that her style of courtship has been unusually determined.

Troy Price, the chairman of Iowa’s Democratic Party, said Ms.

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But the more establishment-aligned candidates like former Vice President Joseph R. and Senator Kamala Harris of California do not face the same questions about their visions for party politics.

And interviews with about two dozen Democrats who have been in contact with Ms.

Armed with call sheets compiled by her staff, the senator spends much of her time in transit on her phone, dialing up lawmakers, local party leaders and liberal activists.

If she is not talking on the phone, she is often texting or writing personal notes. Warren’s campaign events often begin out of public view, when she meets with a small groups of Democratic officials in gatherings, called “clutches,” for pictures and a few minutes of conversation. Paul — roughly 12,000, her campaign said — drew headlines and attention on social media, her meeting beforehand with a few state lawmakers may have been even more memorable for them. Warren but who nevertheless have been on the receiving end of her personal touch.

The same pledge, which was shared by a Democratic official, also includes a promise “to share all of my data collected during the presidential campaign with the D. More broadly, they also wanted to ensure that the nominee’s political organization is housed within the architecture of the party. Sanders, who has refused to share his 2016 supporter list with the party.

(The senator’s aides are quick to note that he has raised nearly million for Democratic candidates and committees dating to his first presidential bid.)But party leaders are just as concerned about the actions of former President Barack Obama: The Democratic National Committee wants to ensure that its nominee has no designs on creating a competing political entity in the mold of Mr.

Warren at a forum dedicated to Native American issues in Iowa.

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