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Though this date doesn’t mean that the book was published at the same time, it can certainly be a good clue. I have an undated two-volume history of the French Revolution, which also give a year-by-year account the years afterward.The last year mentioned is 1882, and the author says something like “Well, this brings us up to date, and our journey together must end here.” So, I know the book must have been finished in 1882, and probably published circa 1882 or 1883.You might also research the publisher to see what dates they were in business, and at what locations.

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This search will turn up any copies of the book which are owned by libraries.

If so, the library who owns the book will have an informational listing for it which may include an estimated date.

However, if there are illustrations, especially if they were created just for the book in question, it may be helpful to find out what dates the illustrator lived & was active.

Biographical information may even mention the illustrations for the book in question.

Introductions, forewords, and afterwords may include dates.

Check the end of each, as some authors include a date after their name here.

Another idea would be to do a World Cat search, online.

Your local librarian can run this search for you as well.

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